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Storing Your Boat

At our facility we are able to store up to 40 boats in our dry racks at a time up to 25ft. Rates start at $12.50/ft for boats without a tee top or a soft top bimini, & $14.50/ft for a hard top / tee top. Minimum of 3 months storage paid upfront is required. 


Your storage rate includes unlimited in/out service, we only ask that you call us an hour ahead of time so that we can have your boat in the water & ready for you when you get here. If you plan on using your boat before 8 am, please let us know the day before so that we can accommodate you accordingly. Non ethanol rec fuel is also available at our facility for your convenience & the current rate is $5.39/gal. 

These storage racks fill up quickly! Call today to check availability!

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